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Peter Farnsworth N.D, Adelaide Naturopath.

“Bring Balance to your Body 

Welcome to Adelaide Naturopathy Clinic.

Specialist in treating Skin Disorders and General Health issues.

Peter Farnsworth

A few words about me

Hello, I am Peter Farnsworth and I have substantial experience in treating all types of Skin and General Health Disorders. I also have a special interest in treating Anxiety and Fatigue issues.

I am a professional Naturopath  and Herbalist registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), member number 0025.

With over 30 years in the Natural Health Profession I can help you to better your Health!

Come to the Churchill Clinic for a free chinese pulse diagnosis to see what your pulse reveals about your health!

Naturopathic Treatments

A holistic approach that takes into account the mind, body and spirit when determining how to heal the body. This approach looks at signs and symptoms that the body reveals to arrive at a whole health plan of action . Such action often covers the use of diet and exercise as a basis for therapy.

Naturopathy looks at the body as whole, and treats the body as a whole, recognising the fact that lifestyle factors that may have an influence your health

Naturopathy looks at identifying and treating the underlying causes of illness not just the symptoms of disease which are often the outward manifestation of internal imbalance within the body.

Naturopathy employs the Healing power of Nature and it’s relationship to body mind and spirit. Naturopaths look at this relationship and it’s relevance to your health.

Traditional Herbal Medicine

Used for thousands of years Herbal Medicine is used to promote the body’s remarkable self -healing abilities. Herbs prevent disease, enhance vitality and healing, increase fertility and improve overall health. Herbal medicine has evolved over the years to include both Chinese and Ayurvedic approaches to formulas and preparations.

Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbal formulas have had 2000 years of use and have been shown to be very effective in treating a wide variety of disorders.

Formulas are scientifically assessed and researched for their effectiveness.

Herbs are the most compatible therapy for the human body having been trialled since the beginning of time on humans-they work!

Medical Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse Diagnosis is an ancient art of feeling the pulse at your wrists which can uncover many imbalances or health issues that may not be revealed by other methods. The pulse reveals what is happening now in your body and what is out of balance. I offer free pulse readings to all so that you may understand your imbalances. 

The pulse can reveal the metabolic state and of the functioning of your internal organs

The pulse can reveal health imbalances long before they manifest as a disease process allowing corrective action to be taken.

The Pulse is considered to be the most accurate way to determine the root cause of your health condition so that the best treatment options can be discussed.

Health Fund Rebates

You may claim on Naturopathic services . Check you health fund if you can claim.

See me at Churchill Centre for your free  pulse diagnosis!

Find what your pulse reveals about you!