During the consultation i will ask you a number of questions and check your pulse using Medical Pulse diagnosis and Tongue diagnosis. After discussion on findings i will address your primary health concern or the symptom that is most bothersome and make some suggestions. Multiple conditions can be treated at the same time however sometimes the main condition needs to be treated first before others can be addressed. ( otherwise one has to take too many supplements).

Strategies and a health plan will be given to you detailing suggestions on what steps to take to resolve your complaint. A follow up consultation time will be arranged. I may suggest either some Acupressure sessions or Acupuncture sessions to speed up your healing process but they are additional to the main therapy of Herbal Medicine .

Please bring results of any medical tests or diagnosis that you may have including what medications or supplements you are taking. The first session is to get you going on a program and the second session is on follow up and adjustment to your health program.Preferably wear loose comfortable clothing as sleeves need to be rolled up for pulse diagnosis and blood pressure testing.

I am not a medical doctor therefore i do not diagnose medical conditions. If I suspect through my training and interview that you possibly have a medical condition then I will refer you back to your regular doctor or nominate another health professional who can assist your needs. I may comment from time to time on any health issues pertaining to prescribed pharmaceutical medicines that you are taking that in my opinion is not in your interest for obtaining radiant health or may be causing you side effects. If there is an issue I will always refer you back to your prescribing doctor.

I will prescribe a personal supplement program to your specific health problem or needs. I generally prescribe encapsulated herbal products and/or tablets/pills or a combination of both for ease of ingestion. All supplements prescribed are Practitioner strength and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Herbs or supplements must be taken in sufficient dosage to create a healing effect. Most manufacturers put on the bottle a maintenance dose only to comply with government regulations. HOWEVER THIS IS NOT A THERAPEUTIC DOSE! I will advise you on correct dose for your condition but sometimes that may be double or triple the dose on the bottle ! This is required as to ingest enough therapeutic compounds and nutrients to change your metabolism or repair cell integrity.Without these doses then there will be little or no healing effect.

Most supplements can be taken by those who are using prescription drugs without interactions. However supplements should be taken at least 2 hours from the time your prescription drugs were taken. There are some exceptions of course, those on Warfarin, or other blood thinners may not be able to take some herbal supplements. Further advice on this will be given during the consultation.

Supplements may be re-ordered by e-mail on peter@adelaidenaturopath.net.au and posted to you for a $12 mailbag charge . I mainly prescribe supplements that can be purchased at a health food store for your convenience but some are practitioner lines only that that must dispensed by myself according to practitioner guidelines and not available in Health food stores.

Black Pearl Pills are currently $18 per bottle and China Med capsules are $ 35 per bottle and SunTen Classic TCM $35 per bottle. Other supplements as quoted.

Please transfer monies for ordering to: ANZ BSB: 015056 Account: 226250387 include postage in your payment. Alternatively you can ring me and quote your credit card. Allow 2-3 days for delivery.

Please place orders a week before you run out as the effectiveness of therapy depends on consistency of taking supplements.

I wish everyone to have the opportunity to have health assessment and to see what the pulse reveals about their health. The Reading takes about 10 minutes and after which you may book for a formal consultation if you wish to proceed further. Formal consultations take time and are usually about 45 minutes or longer and a longer time is spent taking the pulse . I love giving free pulse readings so please do not hesitate to contact me or come to where i am doing free readings.

I am registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS registration number 0025) and i am a past executive director of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. I have been in the Natural Health Industry for over 30 years.

I hold a number of accredited qualifications:

– Nationally recognised Advanced  Diplomas in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.
– Certificates of proficiency  in Chinese Herbal Medicine ,Acupressure and Acupuncture.
–  Nationally recognised Diplomas in Massage and Reflexology.

The Supplement Health Check is a free service that i currently offer at the Churchill clinic store . Many people bring in their supplements and i do a pulse diagnosis reading and check to see if the  supplement is compatible with their pulse or health diagnosis from the pulse . For example if the reading assesses that one has a pulse that shows a lot of Heat in the body  , maybe coming from the liver for example , then taking ginseng or other tonic herbs may not be the best as they may create more heat in the body !!

Sometimes people are well intentioned on taking a supplement but the supplement may not be the exact match for their condition . This free assessment is not a full naturopathic consult but can in less than five minutes give you more information on where you may wish to go with your supplementation program

Book today for your free 10 minute pulse diagnosis!