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Peter Farnsworth, Naturopath Adelaide.

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681 Grange Rd. Grange SA 5022

Welcome to Adelaide Naturopathy Clinic.

35 Years of Experience! I can help you to find a solution to your health issues.

A few words about me

Hello, I have substantial experience in treating all types of Skin and Women’s Health Disorders including  Anxiety and Fatigue issues. Currently, I am treating a number of  Oncology Patients for supportive therapies.  With over 35 years of experience in the Natural Health Profession, I can help you to find a solution to your health issue.

As a Senior Medical Herbalist, I have studied with many masters of Herbal Medicine. I bring a non- judgmental, compassionate approach to healing combined with a deep knowledge of both Eastern and Western Traditions.

I am a professional Naturopath / Herbalist / Nutritionist and  I am registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), member number 0025.

Herbal Medicine

 Herbal Medicine is used to promote the body’s remarkable self -healing abilities,  prevent disease, enhance vitality,  and improve overall health. Herbal medicine has evolved over the years to include both modern and traditional approaches to formulas and preparations. The use of Herbal Medicine is now evidence-based medicine and in Australia, Herbal supplements are approved by the Government Therapeutic Goods Commission,

At the clinic, Encapsulated formulas are prescribed based on your individual diagnosis and condition.

Some Herbal formulas have had 2000 years of use and have been shown to be very effective in treating a wide variety of disorders.

Formulas are scientifically assessed and researched for their effectiveness.

Herbs are the most compatible therapy for the human body having been trialed since the beginning of time on humans-they work!

Nutritional Therapy


Nutritional Therapy is at the foundation of health as we are what we eat and think, Nutritional Therapy looks at the individual needs of the person and their constitution and formulates plans for strengthening the body’s nutritional needs for treating various disorders. Hippocrates was the first physician to say – may food be thy medicine and medicine thy food. This is true today as it was of old. A good diet is the foundation of health through all stages of life. 

Nutritional Therapy can have an immediate effect on the metabolic state and of the functioning of your internal organs

A good nutritional plan can prevent health imbalances long before they manifest as a disease process allowing corrective action to be taken.

Proper nutrition profiling is critical in dealing with root cause of your health condition so that the best treatment options can be discussed.

Medical Pulse Diagnosis

The workings of the body and its functions are reflected in the pulse which is felt at the wrist. Pulse diagnosis has been practiced in the Orient for thousands of years and may be considered the first traditional way of determining body organ functionality. Each pulse position relates to a body organ and the overall pulse quality can relate to body metabolism. The pulse diagnostician feels for strength or weakness, depth, force, and width of the pulse that can reflect the balance of that organ or tissue.  MPD is a modernized version of these ancient practices and is a great advancement in determining imbalances in the body.



  • It can reveal the root cause or major contributing factors to the condition being presented .
  • It can reveal information about one’s Metabolic constitution, or Dosha according to Ayurvedic medicine, so an appropriate eating plan for one/s constitution can be implemented.
  • Each organ of the body is reflected in the pulse and its metabolic function.
  • Can reveal many heart conditions before they become clinical eg Weak heart , Arrhythmias, valve issues etc
  • It can reveal the strength or weakness of the immune system or factors affecting this system.
  • Can reveal how Herbal or other strategies are working. The pulse changes to the influences of food, herbal medicine, and lifestyle factors When the pulse becomes more ‘Balanced” this indicates the body is responding well to therapy and herbal prescriptions.
  • It can reveal psychological imbalances that have an effect on health.
  • The pulse is Nature’s functional medicine barometer!

If you have a health issue or just want to nurture your body and mind then it’s time to have a consultation and obtain a personalized program for obtaining Radiant Health!