About the Clinic

What to expect.

Initial Consultations

Naturopathic consultations are  designed to capture an overall picture of your health and find out what are the causes to your imbalances. Diagnostic  methods  may include use of Medical  pulse diagnosis , tongue , eye , ears and nail analysis . A proper analysis of these body parts will help reveal internal imbalances in the body  and is vital to formulating a treatment plan for you .  A  customised treatment plan and report  will be recommended for your condition during the consultation and consolidated by e-mail .

Telemedicine/online : These consultations will focus on the above but without the pulse diagnosis . You will be asked to provide a photo of your tongue , ears and nails before a consultation takes place , ( instructions will be given how to do this )   Telemedicine consults may take a little longer as more detail to case hisory is required.

Phone call consults: Some folk like to be visually  private so phone consults are available for same price as telemedicine.   however pictures of tongue. ears. and nails are required for proper diagnosis  . Full reports will be e-mailed to consolidate advice given during the phone call .

Follow up Consultations

After the first consultation, I will generally ask you for a follow-up appointment in 2 -3 weeks time whether face in the clinic or by telemedicine/online . The follow up is important so that supplement programs can be adjusted and further recommendations made based on your responses to the treatment plan.

Service Fees

First consultation                             –          $97 at clinic 

Telemedicine or phone consult     –           $127 allow 1.5 hours 

 It is beneficial to have a follow-up consultation within 2-3 weeks of your initial consultation to ensure you keep your momentum of moving into better health. If a follow-up consultation has not occurred within a month, then First consult fees will apply.

Further consultation                              – $47 . Clinic or telemedicine

Herbal supplements:   In most cases, retail supplements will be prescribed as there are a lot of good supplements on the shelves.   However there are not so good ones either, so I have researched those that provide the maximum benefit and Quality for your needs. However, in some cases, stronger Practitioner only supplements will be required and are generally approx $39 per bottle of capsules or granules or liquid.  They will be posted directly to you and cannot be collected at the clinic. Postage is approx $12 -$15 per express Post. Postage delivery times vary so please re-order a week in advance. Max three repeats prescriptions then a follow up consultation is required either by face/face clinic or telemedicine /phone consult.


I am registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS registration number 0025) and i am a past executive director of the ATMS .  I have been in the Natural Health Industry for over 35 years.

I hold a number of accredited qualifications:-

  •  Nationally recognized  Advanced  Diplomas in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition
  •   Nationally recognized Diplomas in Massage and Reflexology.
  • Certificates in Acupressure and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Although i am a General Medical Herbalist/Naturopath i do have a special interest in Herbal Dermatology, Womens Health and Oncology support.  The areas of interest respond very well to the use of Natural Therapies and Herbal Medicine.

Healing can only occur if you give the body what it needs

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